EHIC in France | Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to buy this policy ?

Any resident of an EU State who is visiting France and in possession of a valid EHIC issued by their local health authorities can buy this policy

What period will my EHIC in France policy cover?

Any number of days between 7 and 360.

What currency will my premium be charged in?

All premiums are payable in Euros.

Is there an age limit for this policy ?

No, there is no lower or upper age limit to buy this policy

Are there any pre-existing medical conditions that are not covered by this policy ?

No, there are no exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions

Why does the EHIC in France policy offer 2 levels of cover?

All medical prices in France are based on the Tarif de Convention (TDC) drawn up by the French Government each year, but doctors and specialists are allowed to increase their charges by a certain degree if they live or work in more costly areas or are considered leading specialists in their field. The extra charges are called "Depassements". These additional charges are not covered by the CPAM.

Who underwrites the policy ?

The policy is underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s

How can I pay for a policy ?

The policies are bought online via a secure link with Barclays for Business with a valid debit or credit card

How do I receive my policy ?

Once funds have been received, the policy will be delivered instantly to the e mail address used during the sales process

Can I extend cover if I decide to extend my stay in France ?

Yes, you can buy another policy online to extend cover with a minimum of 7 days

Can I buy a couples or family policy ?

For ease of EHIC medical administration if you have a claim, every individual must have their own policy.

How can I make a claim ?

Please read the Policy Wording or read the claim procedures on our How to Claim page here

Who can I contact if I have a question regarding the policy or the healthcare system in France ?

Please either call us on + 44 203 608 3079 in the UK, + 33 582 88 12 09 in France or send us an e mail

How do I get an EHIC?

If you are a UK resident to apply Click Here. This is the official NHS website for UK residents and it is free to apply, do not use unofficial sites as they may charge you. If you are a resident of another EEA country apply to your local health authority.

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